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So, I felt really crappy this weekend. So crappy, and tired and headachey and feverish, that I called out of work last night. And what with Netflix feeding my habit and all, I watched a lot of television.

I knew I was going to love this show and I so totally do. Because, you know what? I did go to high school with these people. My friends and I, we were these people. Which, I know, is the point of the show. :p

I like to see that James Franco can actually act when he's not trying too hard, or at least, when he's playing a specific type. I love Nick and Ken and I'm completely amazed by the comic genius of Bill. I mean, who is that guy?

And you know what? Sam is so adorable. I just want to smush him. And I would totally have been friends with Lindsay in high school. I can't wait to keep going, and I have a feeling I'm going to have buy this one when I'm done.

Ever since I was a little kid, my nightmares have always, always been about the apocalypse. I'm not sure why or what it means psychologically or any of that, but the idea of human civilization just being clean wiped away terrifies me. Even more than that, the idea of surviving something like that is just scary. So right away this show pushes some of my buttons.

The thing is, though, for me to really fall for something, I've got to fall for the characters. I've got to connect with them, and that's what'll keep me watching. And that didn't really happen for me with this. Right off the bat, the only characters I'm even interested in are the President, Edward James Olmos (who kicks all kinds of ass), and Dr. Gaius. Apollo, while incredibly attractive (albeit in that way that makes you feel like a Republican), is so whiny and obnoxious I just want to punch him in his whiny little face. Like, repeatedly. And the less said about Starbuck the better. Maybe they just got off to a bad start in the miniseries, and things are gonna change a bit in the show, and I'm all for that, but for now, I kinda hate both of them. I really liked Helo, but he disappeared halfway through, which, sad. I've seen people talk about him though, so I'm assuming he comes back. Boomer kind of annoyed me throughout most of the beginning with her sweet earnest sincere thing, so that big reveal at the end didn't really surprise me. Because, duh, as soon as Six was all "some of them don't even KNOW they're Cylons OMG!" I knew it was gonna be Boomer.

Oh, wait. Wait, okay, I did really like Six. She's a very interesting villain, and a very interesting point of reference as far as the Cylons as a whole go. The other thing is, the thing that's going to keep me watching, for awhile anyway, is while I didn't really connect with the characters, I can't stop thinking about the story. It's not a new concept by any means, and not just because this is a remake, but it's always an interesting path to travel down. The cold and calculating way the Cylons are hunting humans, their creators, and the tough decisions that have to be made to try and ensure survival, it's all very complex. Plus, Dr. Gaius fascinates me. I don't know anything about where he's headed, but right now, he's not irredeemable. Right now, I don't see the destruction of the human race as his fault, because it would have happened regardless of who Six chose to manipulate into getting what she wanted. The key is going to be what Dr. Gaius does next, and I don't think it's going to be good, because he's very much a selfish human being. Also, crazy. So, you know, my favorite kind of character. :p

Anyway, I'm going to keep watching and hope that Apollo gets less whiny and Starbuck stops making me want to kill her and continue to think about it all a little more. I'm surprised that television that makes you think has lasted so long. :p

Okay, so who forgot to tell me that Peter Krause is hot? Because, seriously. With the scruff and the hotness and yeah. How did I miss that?

This show is very much the kind of thing I can see myself getting very involved in. I love all of the characters. They're all crazy and fucked up and in nine kinds of pain and still hilarious. I love the Fishers to pieces, every single one of them. It's amazing to me that I can like a character even while they're being a complete jerk, which, all four of them were at some point or another in the first three episodes. That doesn't usually happen. I think that's what I'm going to like about this show, they aren't caricatures of people, they have a lot of flaws but also a great capacity to do good, to care for one another and others. And that's fun to watch.

I'm spoiled for some things to come, and I thought that was going to bother me, but at this point I'm so interested in getting to know all these people and how those things happen that I don't think it will.

Also, after some distance and conversations with others and a re-watch of Noel, I have a bunch more thoughts on last night's TWW. But, I think I'll wait and save them for next week, because I'd like to see how they handle that. I'm hoping they remember that Josh makes jokes when he doesn't know how to handle things. That'd be nice.

And finally, a very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] whisperwords! I hope you're having a fantastic day!
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