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Bullet points are easier:

++ I have a dentist appointment in 45 minutes. I haven't been in about a year and I'm slightly worried that my teeth are falling out. Routine cleanings never end well for me.

++ Ashley and I hosted a dinner party Sunday night and got to play at being grownups for awhile and it was a lot of fun. There was thai food and wine and conversation and even a tickle fight. So, maybe not that grown up. Lots of fun while it lasted, though, I'm hoping we can do it again soon.

++ Actually, this weekend was pretty awesome, considering I worked for the majority of it. Racheal came to visit, and we watched TV and caught up on the last five months of our lives and went out for food and drinks at the redneck bar and it was generally a good time. I'm amazed at the amount of hangout time I packed into two and a half days considering I worked three full shifts. :p

++ Studio 60 )

++ We put up our Christmas tree last night. I'm so not into Christmas this year at all, but there's always something a little soothing about hanging up all those familiar ornaments. Other than that, I'm ready for January 1 now, thanks.
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Studio 60 )

Dexter 1.02 )

Veronica Mars 3.02 )

The Science of Sleep )

I got my hands on S1 of BSG, I think I'm going to attempt to watch it again. I got sidetracked by Six Feet Under, but now that the new season started I figured it's time to try and catch up for real. Also! The Office tonight! And Winchesters! Good thing I've got TV to keep me going!
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I watched the pilot last night!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip )

Seriously, bets on how long til Joshua Malina shows up? I'm saying mid-season. February sweeps?


Anyway. Fiona Apple tonight! I'm working hard to contain my bouncy glee at the moment, just in case you were wondering. *g* We've got pretty awesome seats, and Wolf Trap is a really great venue if you have good seats, so here's hoping for a fantastic show.


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