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Real life is seriously kicking my ass these days. In case you were wondering what happened to me.

Good things, though? The cookie swap was yesterday and I made out with a ton of cookies made by people who are better at baking than I am, which--awesome, and most of the cookies aren't even chocolatey, so double win. AND Tricia came over last night and we watched Love Actually, which always manages to give me warm fuzzies, so yay. ANNNND I hung out with Stew over the weekend. We were supposed to be Christmas shopping, but I only managed to buy one thing, and I still have no idea what to do for my family and I'm fast approaching brokesville, so I don't know about all that. But, happy things! We hung out and watched the Grinch and all was well.

Other than that: Memes for the bored. )
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Bullet points are easier:

++ I have a dentist appointment in 45 minutes. I haven't been in about a year and I'm slightly worried that my teeth are falling out. Routine cleanings never end well for me.

++ Ashley and I hosted a dinner party Sunday night and got to play at being grownups for awhile and it was a lot of fun. There was thai food and wine and conversation and even a tickle fight. So, maybe not that grown up. Lots of fun while it lasted, though, I'm hoping we can do it again soon.

++ Actually, this weekend was pretty awesome, considering I worked for the majority of it. Racheal came to visit, and we watched TV and caught up on the last five months of our lives and went out for food and drinks at the redneck bar and it was generally a good time. I'm amazed at the amount of hangout time I packed into two and a half days considering I worked three full shifts. :p

++ Studio 60 )

++ We put up our Christmas tree last night. I'm so not into Christmas this year at all, but there's always something a little soothing about hanging up all those familiar ornaments. Other than that, I'm ready for January 1 now, thanks.
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Things that are good:

1. Decemberists concert this Sunday! So ridiculously excited.

2. Ashley brought me green curry for dinner last night. I have another meal's worth left over. I've been thinking about it allllll morning.

3. My boss is back from vacation, which means I have work to do again! I'm not sitting around clawing my eyes out for something to pass the time. Also, he's in a really good mood.

4. I got to hang out with Stew this weekend, which is happening less and less often these days. I also got to see other people I never see anymore and go on a hayride through the woods and attempt to freak Ashley out, so overall, I call this weekend a win.

Things that are less good:

1. My dad and my stepdad both are expecting me to spend Thanksgiving with them, it turns out. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to handle this one. I'd rather spend it with my sisters, but I don't really want to go to Florida for an entire week. They're both going to be pissy with me, whatever I choose, so maybe it's best I hide under a rock? Or take my uncle up on his offer to escape to Boston, instead. Having three (four?) families was so much easier when I was twelve.

2. It must be a cyclical thing, because the insomnia's hitting me hard the last couple of days again. 3.5 hours of sleep Saturday and Sunday night, and last night it was 1:30 before I fell asleep, even though I was exhausted. Not cool, man. Not cool.

Things I'm not sure how to classify:

1. My mom's boyfriend is out of town this weekend and she wants me to come down. Yay? Maybe I can convince her to bring my sisters up here Saturday afternoon.


Oct. 6th, 2006 02:51 pm
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I didn't think I really had anything to say about The Office, but I've been reading other people's reactions and I figured I'd chime in, too.

The Coup )

Other things:
1. I really like Beck's new album, but I think I like the design-your-own-liner-notes-on-Beck's-new-album even better.

2. I've been watching Supernatural again because the Winchester brothers are very pretty when they angst, and because it's fun harassing Ashley about evil clowns.

3. My boss had a nice chat with me today at lunch about how I close myself off in groups of people and I need to stop doing that and get some self-confidence already. Now, if only he'd tell me how to do that, I'd be in business. :p

4. Ashley and I got tickets to see Death Cab in November! We have failed to do this every single time they've ever come around before, so yay for that.

5. I think the weather might be out to ruin my DC plans for tomorrow. I still really want to go, but I'm not sure how interested I am in walking around the mall in the cold wind and rain. Plus, my favorite museum is closed for renovations for the next two years or something. Which is LAME, by the way.

6. I'm so sick of working every single Friday night. I would much rather see The Departed tonight than work.
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1. I sliced open my left hand index finger last night. I was trying to cut a bagel and decided I should cut my finger open instead. The gimongous bandaid on my finger is making for some excellent typing skills this morning, too. This is why I shouldn't be allowed out of the house.

2. I wish it would cool off already. I'm so sick of waking up all hot and sweaty with my covers kicked off the bed.

3. I am so beyond excited for The Office S2 DVDs. A 17 minute gag reel plus two and a half hours of deleted scenes? I want this now.

4. Ashley and I are meeting [livejournal.com profile] madmoisellestar and some others for a cheapo baseball game tonight. I got one of my friends from work hooked on Arrested Development, so sometime this week she's going to come over so we can marathon S3, hopefully tomorrow so we can get a little Project Runway action in, too. My boss is going out of town at the end of the week, so I'm hoping the next few days are pretty low-key around here. That's pretty much in for this week in Heatherland.

5. I'm trying to get back into the groove of posting stuff, can you tell? :p
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Weekend stuff. Plus a fuzzy picture of a puppy. )


Six Feet Under S3 )


Emmys )


Sooo...no one's going to be in the office with me for a couple of hours, and I'm running out of work to do, so I kinda wanna do the top 5 meme again, and I'm gonna steal Teija's line:

Ask me top fives or I'll silently resent you!

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1. I went to Atlantic City with Racheal this weekend. Which actually means, I went to Ocean City, NJ, but stayed in AC. )

2. We saw X3 on Friday night. Thoughts and a poll underneath! )

3. I've been talking to my uncle about flying up to Boston for a weekend sometime in June. I'm actually getting really excited, though I kinda wish I could have gone this past month before the weather started shifting into unbearable mugginess. I've been thinking about it a lot, and I'm really going to start saving to move up there. I'm not sure if I'd rather try for this winter or next spring. I may just wait until after my sister graduates high school, because I'd like to be close until then, but who knows. Maybe I'll go up in June and decide I never want to leave. :p

4. Speaking of unbearable mugginess, it's not even June yet and the awful Maryland summer weather has started. It is so gross outside right now, and on top of that, it's sort of freezing in my office, so going back and forth is not so much helping my sunburn-crazy body temperature. Couldn't we just have the perfect May weather stay a little while longer?
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I'm going to be 21 in just over two weeks. That's a scary thought.

Despite the ever-growing pile of books I want to read in the corner of my room, I think I'm going to reread To Kill a Mockingbird for about the fifth time. I bought myself the hardcover edition with some of my Christmas giftcard money, and I really wanna read it again. It's in my top ten list. Matter of fact, in the top two. :)

I've watched all of Firefly. I'm in love. I'm going through all the commentaries now, and soon will have nothing new to watch. Why is the general public more excited about Average Joe 2 than a great show like Firefly? Damn you stupid Americans.

Greg's going to be in Baltimore next week for interviews at Hopkins. Mayhaps will visit him.

It's really freaking cold outside. I'm desperate to go to the beach for spring break this year. I need the warm weather, the taste of salt on my lips, the sound of the waves crashing into the shore at sunset. This is a must. I need to be there. I will go alone if necessary.

JanTerm will be over in a week, my keys will work again, and classes will start. Is it bad that I'm actually looking foward to classes?


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