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I know, two posts in one month! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! But my weekend activities definitely merited another post. Because! This weekend! We made a gingerbread TARDIS. It is basically the greatest ever.


Right? Awesome. Merry Christmas, everyone! If that's what you're into.
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Bullet points are easier:

++ I have a dentist appointment in 45 minutes. I haven't been in about a year and I'm slightly worried that my teeth are falling out. Routine cleanings never end well for me.

++ Ashley and I hosted a dinner party Sunday night and got to play at being grownups for awhile and it was a lot of fun. There was thai food and wine and conversation and even a tickle fight. So, maybe not that grown up. Lots of fun while it lasted, though, I'm hoping we can do it again soon.

++ Actually, this weekend was pretty awesome, considering I worked for the majority of it. Racheal came to visit, and we watched TV and caught up on the last five months of our lives and went out for food and drinks at the redneck bar and it was generally a good time. I'm amazed at the amount of hangout time I packed into two and a half days considering I worked three full shifts. :p

++ Studio 60 )

++ We put up our Christmas tree last night. I'm so not into Christmas this year at all, but there's always something a little soothing about hanging up all those familiar ornaments. Other than that, I'm ready for January 1 now, thanks.
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Doctor Who ramblings. Like, actually rambling. There's no coherence here at all. )

This show makes me miss being an English major. What I wouldn't give to hash that out in a room full of English-y kids. Also, I need a Doomsday Rose icon, like, five hours ago. I should get on that.


Other things. My weekend was mostly uneventful, except I went to see the Violent Femmes in Baltimore on Friday night, which was all kinds of awesome. They had a tuba soloist, which, totally cool. Also, they played Please Do Not Go, which I know was one of their more popular singles so of course they would, but it's my favorite, so suck it, Turk.

Today, it's rainy and cold outside, which is good because we need it and I'm sick of the humidity, but bad because it's rainy and cold outside. Ashley and I are going to visit Aster for a bit tonight, which should be fun and relaxing, and then I may come home and settle in with some of the Doctor Who Confidentials.

Next weekend was supposed to be my vacation, which kinda blows. I really want to get up to Boston before it gets too cold. Hopefully right in the middle of autumn, before the leaves all fall. Next weekend, however, is the Busch Gardens trip, and I'm really starting to look forward to it. I hope it's cool enough for sweatshirts by then. I miss my sweatshirts. And do you know how long it's been since I could just bum around somewhere in jeans and my chucks? Plus, there's the whole rollercoasters-hotel-with-friends-dinner-and-swimming thing, too. ;)

I have to pee.
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So, the Foo Fighters played an acoustic show at DAR Constitution Hall on Tuesday night, and I just happened to be there.

Setlist )

I say this every time, but those boys put on such a great show. Taylor and Dave have this adorable chemistry on stage. And! Pat Smear was there! I really liked the flow of this type of show, too, Dave got to tell us a lot of little stories about the songs, and made fun of the hometown accent, and how he left us all in the dust as soon as he got famous. I really love seeing him here, because he grew up here and used to record here and knows the area and makes all the right jokes about the place.

My life is one step closer to complete, though, because I have seen February Stars performed live. Hands down, that's my favorite Foo Fighters song, and I never ever thought that some random song from the end of an album they made almost ten years ago would be played on stage for me, but there it was. For the encore, he came out alone and told us a really long story (that we've all basically heard before) about writing Friend of a Friend in Washington when he was living with Kurt and Chris. He wailed out on Best of You, and then told the drummer joke ("what's the last thing the drummer said before getting kicked out of the band?") and dedicated Everlong to all the drummers in the audience. It was so much fun to just sit back and listen to the man's songs, and I'm not lying when I tell you that every time I have the opportunity to go see these guys play, I will gladly fork over my money.


Project Runway )


I keep meaning to write about a million other things -- I went to Bethesda and saw Laura and James last weekend, and we had Indian food and frappachinos and spice cake and it was lots of fun and needs to become more than an annual thing. (Laura, I swear I'm switching my files over! Music soon, I promise!) I want to do that character/'ship/episode meme, I want to post pictures, including one of my new (green!) computer. Also, I'm trying to make plans for my upcoming work-free weekend, which is fast being filled up with things that aren't sitting around in my pajamas doing nothing like I'd originally planned. Which, I guess is actually okay with me. Having plans and seeing people is nice, too.

Anyway, I have a ton of work I'm not doing. So I should do that. And also link to possibly one of the greatest JIMspams I've ever seen. Mostly for my benefit, but also for Ashley, who will hopefully see this before she runs off to Newport again. :)
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This week I:

1. Finally, finally, finally saw Fiona Apple live. )

2. Made a list of things I really, really miss about college. )

3. Developed a new crush on someone I believe to be an Asst. State's Attny at the Courthouse next door. My tastes will never change. He's older though, and probably married. I forgot to scope him out for a ring. Hmmmm.

4. Had an absolutely fanfreakingtastic time with Ashley and my B&N girls, even though it meant staying up so late I still feel like a zombie. I'm hoping for more wacky fun tonight.

5. Overslept because I thought it was Saturday morning, when it was, in fact, Friday morning. Seriously. I turned off my alarm and thought, "Why did I leave this on when it's Saturday?" Ugh. I came into work almost 45 minutes late. What's that? I desperately need a vacation? Yeah, I'm not going to argue with you.

6. Started making plans for my vacation! ;) Boston, baby. Four days, hopefully, and then a weekend trip to Busch Gardens with Ashley. September cannot come fast enough.
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Things that make me happy today:

1. RENT! )

2. Weekends where I don't have to work at all. )

3. Any variation of the name "JfDoh." Cracks me up every. single. time.

4. The West Wing: Institutional Memory )

5. Christina's post about this weekend. Or, well, actually, Ashley's demon spawn icon. Hee.

6. I'm officially going to be tutoring Spanish to a high school senior over the summer. I don't actually *speak* fluent Spanish, but I'm hoping this will be an opportunity for me to get a little closer to that particular goal of mine. But I think I'll do okay, especially since I'm only tutoring him on the early-level stuff. I know the grammar, I'm just awful at connecting stuff in my head. I think I've figured out what my roadblock is, though. Instead of just hearing the language, I translate everything in my head first, and then I'm always two sentences behind whatever's being said. I'm not sure how to fix that, but there you go.

7. Today has completely flown by. It's already after lunch. Woo.

8. I wore rainbow-striped underwear to Rent. I'm still amused, okay?

9. Animaniacs on DVD!

10. The fact that, even though there is an equally long list of things that don't make me happy today (which includes the rainy weather, having to work 15 hours today, getting chastised for not cleaning up after other people who never clean up after themselves, not being terribly excited for the VM finale, and my mom canceling our hair appointment/dinner date for tomorrow night), I'm not especially compelled to dwell on any of them. Woohoo, happy things.

How's everyone else on this somewhat bleak Monday?
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Sometimes my brain freaks me out. )

I'm working a lot this week, because I have all next weekend off for Rent. I'm really getting excited, it's been about four years since I saw it on stage. We won't discuss what'll happen if the show isn't awesome. Because it's gonna be awesome. And also Racheal and Christina and Stew are coming, AND ASHLEY WHO I LIVE WITH AND SEE EVERYDAY, so I'm really looking forward to just hanging out with people. I don't really get to do that much anymore.

Though, I did spontaneously drive over to CP to hang out with Stew on Sunday. Which was nice, because we ate at Noodles and went to Target and then he watched Harry Potter with me, because he knows I like it. He's also got my computer case sitting out and it's the coolest thing ever. I'm so glad I went with green. It has aliens on it, too! I'm totally gonna have the coolest computer ever. Or at least in my apartment. ;)

So, it's VM night and life doesn't really suck today, and that's a good thing. Let's hope this keeps up.


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