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In honor of my and [livejournal.com profile] winter_baby's complete and utter work-related boredom, I bring you another round of the Movie Quotes Game. Come and play, and take your mind off whatever you're doing for a couple of minutes.

Click here and don't cheat!

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Other things:

--I finished Gilmore Girls S3. I thought I was going to stop inhaling GG after this, but now I kinda want to poke around for S4. After that I'm done, I SWEAR.

--I've been in a Robert Smith kind of mood lately, and I'm listening to Disintegration on repeat again. I think I've decided, though, that that album is more headphone-music, and requires a good book and a thunderstorm to be listened to properly.

--I keep having dreams about the same person over and over and over again, even though I haven't talked to said person in a really long time. I think my brain is telling me it's time to reconnect.

--I had pizza and a Veggie Tales sing-along last night. YOU ARE JEALOUS.
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Sometimes my brain freaks me out. )

I'm working a lot this week, because I have all next weekend off for Rent. I'm really getting excited, it's been about four years since I saw it on stage. We won't discuss what'll happen if the show isn't awesome. Because it's gonna be awesome. And also Racheal and Christina and Stew are coming, AND ASHLEY WHO I LIVE WITH AND SEE EVERYDAY, so I'm really looking forward to just hanging out with people. I don't really get to do that much anymore.

Though, I did spontaneously drive over to CP to hang out with Stew on Sunday. Which was nice, because we ate at Noodles and went to Target and then he watched Harry Potter with me, because he knows I like it. He's also got my computer case sitting out and it's the coolest thing ever. I'm so glad I went with green. It has aliens on it, too! I'm totally gonna have the coolest computer ever. Or at least in my apartment. ;)

So, it's VM night and life doesn't really suck today, and that's a good thing. Let's hope this keeps up.
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I bought daffodils yesterday, the first I've seen so far. Used to be you couldn't get them til March sometime, now the grocery stores carry them as early as January every year. I keep pulling them out of the vase and smelling them. They smell clean, they smell like home.

I didn't get enough, though, so I'm gonna go back to the store and get some more this afternoon. It's like Spring came early, only it never got cold enough here to make me miss the warm weather much, anyway.

In other news? Fandom has eaten my brain. I had a dream that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had to escape Hogwarts (which for some reason looked like my grandmother's house) from a bunch of Blue Sun Corporation-type people who had turned everyone into zombie-like creatures with no emotions who couldn't help Harry escape. I don't remember why their powers didn't affect him, but the reason they didn't affect Ginny? She'd had her amygdala removed, like one River Tam in Firefly. Also? Harry had a baby brother he was carrying around who was affected and he had to try and figure out how to save the day while taking care of a little baby. And Dumbledore wasn't affected, but he had to be taken away kind of like in CoS, so he couldn't help Harry, and also? His long hair and beard were just a wig.

I'm going to go back to reading Good Omens. And possibly hit up the grocery store before work.
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Um. I'm not obsessive about the Lord of the Rings or anything. I really love the movies for what they are, but I'm not really especially in love with any of the actors (well, except for the gayest hobbit that ever did gay, he's just so cute!), but okay, my dream last night?

I was married to a hobbit.

Well, he wasn't a hobbit, he was himself. I was married to the one who played Merry, and--this I think is even weirder--Charisma Carpenter was married to the guy who played Pippen. Only, Merry was doing illegal things that involved people I didn't know and a plane, and he went off to do illegal things and I cried and left because I didn't want to get in trouble. Or something. And Charisma and Pippen had like 3 kids and Charisma was miserable and she started to hate me cause I wasn't.

Seriously. What the hell is that?


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