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I'm starting to think I'm spending too much money on my newly acquired concert-habit. I blame Ashley. Just because I can.

Death Cab )

So, next concert. To see Damien Rice, or not to see Damien Rice. I'm still pondering.


Megan's coming home from Africa for a mini-vacation in December, and I'm kind of nervous. I know she'll still love me no matter what, but I haven't really been the best of friends since she left. I've called her once, sent her a few emails and text messages, but that's it. I've tried, I really have, but it's hard to come up with stuff to write to her about when my life feels so incredibly empty compared to what she's doing out there. What am I going to say? "Hey, it was great hearing about your 30 mile bike trip to villages all over Africa, guess what happened to Jim and Pam last week?!"

Anyway, I don't think I can make it up to her, but my newest idea is to fill up a journal of some kind with pictures and ramblings and stuff like that, and give it to her with strict instructions not to open it til she gets back to the bush-country. Though, for this to work, it means I've got to get started this weekend, so we'll see how that goes. Anyone have any ideas on other things I could fill a journal with? I have a feeling tales of coffee and law offices will get boring rather quickly.

I can't believe we're already two weeks into November. This year has gone by so fast. I really wish I had something to show for it.
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I saw the Decemberists Sunday night.

Set list and other things. )


I went to grab lunch at the courthouse today, and there was a grown woman in a cheerleading costume. My first though was "She's too old to be in high school." My second thought was "What's a professional cheerleader doing in the county courthouse?" And finally my third thought was "Oh. Right. Halloween."

So, happy Halloween! Sadly, I have to work tonight. I wonder if I can rustle up some devil horns or something to wear with my uniform.

Also, I'm very much behind on all things TV-related at the moment. I'm thinking tomorrow night will be catch-up, and then maybe I'll post something. I watched the opening scene of tonight's VM, and I have a feeling I'm actually going to have some things to say. I'm a little disappointed in people's reactions to this week's Torchwood, though. I had such high hopes for that show. I don't know if I'll like it, but I'm pretty sure I won't stop watching so long as there's John Barrowman to be had on my computer screen.

Oh, and I'm trying to find a good concert to go to between December 17ish and December 29ish. Megan's coming back from Africa for two weeks and her only request for me is to find a concert to go to. If anybody in the DC area hears about anything good, mind letting me know? I'm looking at a few websites, and most places don't have much announced for that far in advance yet.
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So, the Foo Fighters played an acoustic show at DAR Constitution Hall on Tuesday night, and I just happened to be there.

Setlist )

I say this every time, but those boys put on such a great show. Taylor and Dave have this adorable chemistry on stage. And! Pat Smear was there! I really liked the flow of this type of show, too, Dave got to tell us a lot of little stories about the songs, and made fun of the hometown accent, and how he left us all in the dust as soon as he got famous. I really love seeing him here, because he grew up here and used to record here and knows the area and makes all the right jokes about the place.

My life is one step closer to complete, though, because I have seen February Stars performed live. Hands down, that's my favorite Foo Fighters song, and I never ever thought that some random song from the end of an album they made almost ten years ago would be played on stage for me, but there it was. For the encore, he came out alone and told us a really long story (that we've all basically heard before) about writing Friend of a Friend in Washington when he was living with Kurt and Chris. He wailed out on Best of You, and then told the drummer joke ("what's the last thing the drummer said before getting kicked out of the band?") and dedicated Everlong to all the drummers in the audience. It was so much fun to just sit back and listen to the man's songs, and I'm not lying when I tell you that every time I have the opportunity to go see these guys play, I will gladly fork over my money.


Project Runway )


I keep meaning to write about a million other things -- I went to Bethesda and saw Laura and James last weekend, and we had Indian food and frappachinos and spice cake and it was lots of fun and needs to become more than an annual thing. (Laura, I swear I'm switching my files over! Music soon, I promise!) I want to do that character/'ship/episode meme, I want to post pictures, including one of my new (green!) computer. Also, I'm trying to make plans for my upcoming work-free weekend, which is fast being filled up with things that aren't sitting around in my pajamas doing nothing like I'd originally planned. Which, I guess is actually okay with me. Having plans and seeing people is nice, too.

Anyway, I have a ton of work I'm not doing. So I should do that. And also link to possibly one of the greatest JIMspams I've ever seen. Mostly for my benefit, but also for Ashley, who will hopefully see this before she runs off to Newport again. :)
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This week I:

1. Finally, finally, finally saw Fiona Apple live. )

2. Made a list of things I really, really miss about college. )

3. Developed a new crush on someone I believe to be an Asst. State's Attny at the Courthouse next door. My tastes will never change. He's older though, and probably married. I forgot to scope him out for a ring. Hmmmm.

4. Had an absolutely fanfreakingtastic time with Ashley and my B&N girls, even though it meant staying up so late I still feel like a zombie. I'm hoping for more wacky fun tonight.

5. Overslept because I thought it was Saturday morning, when it was, in fact, Friday morning. Seriously. I turned off my alarm and thought, "Why did I leave this on when it's Saturday?" Ugh. I came into work almost 45 minutes late. What's that? I desperately need a vacation? Yeah, I'm not going to argue with you.

6. Started making plans for my vacation! ;) Boston, baby. Four days, hopefully, and then a weekend trip to Busch Gardens with Ashley. September cannot come fast enough.
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Hi. I'm alive.

Went to the Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright concert last night, and it was so so much fun, complete with my favorite Ben song (My Philosophy) and audience participation on Not the Same. Also, Rufus is awesome. He brought out one of his sisters to sing harmony on Hallelujah and it was so freaking gorgeous. I still can't get over how different his singing voice is from his talking voice, though. It's like two different people. Also, Ben Lee opened, and it was fun and Australian. We were a little disappointed that Ben went before Rufus instead of the other way around, and that they didn't sing anything together (I was so hoping for a little Careless Whispers *g*), but all in all it was lots of fun. And we met up with James and Laura after the show, so yay! Good times.

Today I spent a few hours in DC with Aster and Garrett. It was really far too hot for doing touristy things, but we did spend some time at the Botanical Gardens, so that was good. I really don't go into the city nearly enough any more. I really want to go over to Dupont sometime soon for some gay bar-hopping. Maybe when Megan comes home. :)

Random list for no good reason other than I want to:
Top 10 favorite West Wing episodes )

Ummm, don't mind me if I start spamming with stupid pointless memes tonight. Cause, I still have some sitting around waiting to be posted.
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Eeeeeeeeeeee! I love the 9:30 Club. Seriously.

I was thisclose to Art. I was he-could-sweat-on-me close. Like right underneath him for almost the entire show, right at the front of the stage. Still kinda pissed though, cause he picked four girls to go up on stage and he picked the girl right next to me. Grrr. But still! THISCLOSE!

Set list:
Everything to Everyone
Heroin Girl
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom
Fire Maple Song
Annabella's Song
Learning How to Smile (!)
Sex with a Movie Star (new)
Summerland (!)
Glorious (new)
Father of Mine
I Will Buy You A New Life
Beautiful Dream (new)
Local God (!)
Santa Monica
Jenny 867 5309

I have pictures. I hope some of them turn out. It was so much fun. And I drove into DC without getting lost and I even found a place to park for free!

And eeee! Everclear! (It wasn't quite the same without Craig and Greg, but it doesn't matter. I wasn't there for them.) It was an amazing show and definitely worth possibly overdrawing on my account for. Eeee! I wanna do it AGAIN!


Aug. 12th, 2003 04:28 pm
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So, I've been away for a few days, and look at all the stuff that's happened. :)

I've been in Frederick with Greg since Friday night, and I'm only home now because I was forced to give up my car.

But! I saw Everclear on Saturday night for $3. So yay. It was the awesomest. :))) They didn't suck, which was a plus, and they played tons of Sparkle and Fade goodness. They opened with Wonderful, led right into Everything to Everyone and then Father of Mine. After that, it's just a blur of lots of really good songs, including Heroin Girl, Loser Makes Good, Fire Maple Song, Twistinside, Strawberry, Brown-Eyed Girl, You Make Me Feel Like a Whore, I Will Buy You a New Life, Volvo Driving Soccer Mom, and of course Santa Monica. Plus a couple of instrumentals, and a cover that Craig sang while Art rocked out on stage with half the audience as the "Everclear dancers." Alas, I was not among them, but next time, oh yes, I will be. ;) But it was a great show. There was a gorgeous sunset in the background, and after the light faded, the capital building was all lit up behind the stage. Absolutely beautiful. And....I love Art. As soon as he started singing, an irrational wave of Everclear/Art Alexakis-love swept over me. So yay for $3 Everclear shows. :)))) ([livejournal.com profile] kill_the_sun, you're jealous *g*)

Other than that, I spent the last few days hanging out with Greg. We ate at Macaroni Grill, and saw a really bad movie last night (for the record, S.W.A.T really is as bad as it looks. Don't see it unless you are in desperate need of an all-action-predictable-plot-please-why-won't-more-things-blow-up movie. trust me), and fun stuff like that. We drove to Crystal City for the movie and stuff, I hadn't been there in a long time. We used to go there all the time, back in the days of new licenses and the discovery of better movie theaters.

So I came home this afternoon after being awakened at Greg's house by a phone call from my uncle. He made it down here and is staying with us for awhile, and he needed my car to go on a job interview or something. Didn't ask or anything, just told me to come home so he could use it. But that's okay. My mommy's sick and I'm car-less and being at home right now is not as much fun as being at Greg's was. But that's a given I suppose. He's coming to visit on Thursday, and Friday is the Counting Crows/John Mayer concert, and this weekend I'm moving my stuff back up to school. [livejournal.com profile] sihaya09 is already there, and reading about her moving in has made me excited to go back to school. For all the complaining I've been doing all summer, it's hard to believe that it's over.

I'm gonna go do some laundry and stuff, begin the long process that will be packing and moving again. :)
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The Foo Fighters rock like a rocking thing. That was an amazing show. I hadn't been to a concert in a good two years, and I can't wait to start going again. ;)

They played almost all of my favorite songs, except this one, which I wasn't really expecting at all. They opened with "All my life" and lead right into "My Hero." Both of which Aster and I saw from about 10 feet away from the man himself. All the rest were in there, including all the new singles, "Hey Johnny Park," "Up in Arms" (which he dedicated to his parents, who happened to be in the audience), "Monkey Wrench" (which was sooo great. He let us all sing the infamous screaming part, and then shut us all up so he could show us how it was done), and of course "Everlong" and "Learn to Fly." The last two were encores, and almost weren't played, cause they blew out the PDA on "This is a Call."

And he did that thing, where he walked around the entire stadium and played half of his song on a stage set up in the back.

And dude! I sung along with Dave Grohl! when I sing along with you, if everything could ever be this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again

Amazing show. I heart the Foo Fighters. Yay!

Alas, now I must write my paper. Stupid paper.


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